Family Office

Growing assets
on to future

Wealth management often means that ongoing efforts are being made in order to pass growing assets on to future generations.


“…Goldbach is a boutique advisory firm…”

Our approach

Close interaction with our clients is at the heart of our process, in order to fully integrate each family’s vision and core values. As a fully independent entity, we can activate all external resources and competences needed in order to deliver services alongside three key dimensions:

Asset protection, growth and monitoring

Life simplifying

Cost cutting

The Family Office services are offered to clients and families with assets under management at Goldbach Capital in excess of CHF 10 MM.

Modular offering

Goldbach Capital has the knowledge and resources to become the trusted partner of wealthy families. We offer a comprehensive range of services, by combining proprietary expertise with an external pool of first-class advisors.

Each client can decide which modules he wants to engage Goldbach Capital on.

Thanks to its efficient and cost-effective solutions, Goldbach Capital is a credible alternative to existing or projected in-house organizations.

Outsourcing to Goldbach Capital

Asset ManagementDiscretionary MandatesSpecial Mandates
Accounting/ConsolidationPortfolio MonitoringHedging
Tax AdvisoryTax OptimizationRelocation/Expatriation
Family StructuringFamily GovernanceReal State Holding
Wealth PlanningFamily PlanningEstate Planning
Private ServicesNext Generation EducationArt & Cars Collection
Secretarial ServicesStaff PayrollConcierge Services

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