Asset Management

cost-efficient and realistic solution

Our sole objective is to provide our clients with a customized, cost-efficient and realistic solution adapted to their specific needs in terms of time horizon for investing, expected return, risk tolerance, future liquidity requirements and potential tax and legal restrictions.


“…Goldbach is a boutique advisory firm…”

Investing implies allocating capital to achieve expected performance

At Goldbach Capital, investing also means dedicating time to our clients in order to understand their expectations, assess their financial knowledge and risk tolerance, and to decide with them how their assets should be managed.

Asset management requires expertise, experience and resources

We have the resources, the network and the expertise to develop multi-currency and multi-asset strategies using complementary investment vehicles, such as individual stocks and bonds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and mutual funds managed by renowned portfolio managers.

We have organized our offering according to 3 different families of asset management activities:


For clients who wish to fully delegate the management of their assets to our team of financial experts.


For clients wishing to control and make final decisions on their portfolio.


For very specific requirements usually but not solely related to investment banking.

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