5 Alternative Investments

To Diversify your portfolio


Classic Cars

Automobiles must meet certain requirements to be considered a classic car.

They generally date back at least 15 to 25 years with some unique qualities that make it interesting to collect.

Unusual designs, limited preduction runs, condition, make and model, and rarity can determine a car´s value.


Fine Art

Many collectors are not only finding the cultural and beauty of pieces, but are also using pieces as a means of investment.

Perks of placing your capital in art include physically owning your assut. Similar to investing in classic cars, you will be able to enjoy the art, allowing your full access in ensuring proper care, storage, and maintenance. Art can also appreciate as time goes by.

The value can often rise just because a large amount of time has passed since the piece was created, though that´s not a guarantee.


Investing in commodities means placing money into raw materials which are either consumed directly, like food, or used to create other products, like precious metals.

Energy sources and natural resources ar also considered commodities.

Foreign Currency

Through purchasing foreign currencies, individuals can hedge themselves against losing out from another investment or also gain from economic strength of offshore nations.

Real Estate

Not only can international real estate hedge against various investment risks, it can also open up other international investment options.

Some investments in real estate can lead to residency in a new country which is advantageous for reasons ranging from a new retirement location to tax optimization.