What Are Your Financial Goals?

A guide to determining your future objectives.

A ship is only as good as its captain. Without the proper guidance, strategy, and end goal, the ship would just be wandering the seas, hoping to find success. The same can be said about a financial plan. Without the right guidance, a portfolio means nothing. The captain in our metaphor today, are your long and short term goals. Without laying out clear goals, how will the crew- you and your financial advisor- know where to steer the ship? In this article we articulate the importance of having clearly defined goals for your financial future.

With the help of financial planning, you will be able to predict where you will be in the years to come by evaluating where you are currently, what sources of income you plan to have in the future, investments you plan to make, and your retirement plans. And, like any planning, the earlier you begin, the better.

Financial planning can come in many different phases from planning for your retirement, protecting assets, setting up a healthy portfolio, and much more. Goldbach Capital is fully equipped to set you up for success, assisting wealthy individuals and families around the world.

Before leaping into new investments or opening accounts with brokerages, knowing why you are growing your wealth will help investors make the right choices to achieve their dreams.

• Saving for retirement
• Buying a new home or vacation home
• Looking for retirement income
• Starting a new business
• To leave a financial legacy for your family
• Dedicating wealth to philanthropy
• Saving for a child’s education

Below are just some of the goals that Goldbach Capital can help our clients bring to fruition.

Retire with Peace of Mind

This is a common goal for wealthy individuals. A dream retirement requires a lot of decision making such as where retirement will take place, if it will be full of adventures or quality time at home, and what will happen to the wealth when you are no longer around.

For many, retirement is the most important time in life, from both a personal and financial sense. Once these decisions are made, a happy retirement doesn’t just happen. It comes with an extensive process that requires sensible planning, simplifying your lifestyle, and years of continuity, a process that takes a lot of hands-on work.

It is never too early to plan. In fact, the earlier retirement planning begins, the better. For a worry-free retirement, you are going to want to save. Whether you want a quiet retirement at home amongst friends and family or exploring cultures offshore, having a plan on how you will save the right amount of money is essential.

Save on Taxes

This is another common goal for many investors who feel the burden of high taxes and increasing regulation. There are strategies available that can legally lighten tax burden, which means getting you closer to meeting other objectives.

With a tax plan, wealthy individuals and their advisor analyze their financial situation under the lense of their tax responsibility. The reason most financially-minded individuals tax plan is to ensure their tax efficiency by using their financial plan to choose tax-efficient investments and living decisions. Tax planning is an important part of a financial plan, as it can reduce tax liability and allows you to save the most for your retirement and reaching other financial and personal goals.

Tax planning has to be thorough. Steps of tax planning involve determining your goals and starting early, assessing your tax liability, looking at your risk level, and continual checkups.

When creating a tax plan, individuals make decisions regarding their portfolio that are tax efficient based on the size of your income or profits, insurance coverage, and the kinds of investments in their portfolio.

Have a Profitable Portfolio

Having a successful portfolio is not only a great goal to have in itself, it also plays a vital part in meeting many other goals. Some investments will appreciate quickly with a small return, which is great for reaching a short term goal. Others appreciate slowly but promise a significant return. This kind of asset is great for meeting a long term goal such as retirement or to pass onto a future generation.

Having a healthy portfolio will require taking inventory of a current portfolio and optimizing it. Optimizing your portfolio means selecting the proportions of assets to be held in a portfolio so that the portfolio performs well. There are many optimization strategies that an investor can utilize.

The most common strategy in any portfolio is diversification as it is one of the most well known and reliable risk management strategies. One of your sources of income may take a drastic hit. If you make all over your family investments into one sector, you are opening yourself up to an array of events and certain markets may not be as strong as others.
Put wealth into various investment classes to balance risk and return. With multiple different sources, you can rest easy when one of your investments falls through. For a successful portfolio, it is advised to diversify within asset classes as well as investing in different classes.

Saving Money for Future Generations

Another popular goal for many investors is making investments that will ensure future generations are taken care of for the future, whether it be used for education or any other endeavor. Certain investments grow slowly and are perfect to leave for future generations. Other want to hold expensive assets aside for their family and heirs.

Don’t Plan Alone

No matter your goals, Goldbach Capital has the knowledge and resources to become the trusted partner of wealthy families. Our teams wants you to meet your goals as much as you do. We offer a comprehensive range of services, by combining proprietary expertise with an external pool of first-class advisors.
Thanks to our efficient and cost-effective solutions, Goldbach Capital is a credible alternative to existing or projected in-house organizations
There’s no doubt that a wealth management plan is the best way pass growing assets to future generations to grow themselves, use for future education, philanthropy, and much more. Our team offers family office services to clients and families with assets under management at Goldbach Capital in excess of CHF 10 MM. We are ready to assist you with all aspects of the following wealth planning steps:
• Financial planning
• Portfolio management
• Asset protection
• Risk management
• Tax optimization
• Retirement planning
• Estate planning

While incorporating our approach in life simplification, cost cutting, and asset protection, growth, and monitoring, our family office services integrate your family’s vision and core values to create the wealth management plan for you.

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