Secretarial Services

Take some responsibility off of your plate and enjoy life.

As a wealthy investor, businessman, or individual, there is not enough time in the day to personally take care of all responsibilities. No one expects a single person to take care of their finances, manage a portfolio, save for retirement and education for future generations, manage assets, and more on their own, especially when they have a large number of expensive assets.

For this reason, Goldbach Capital offers family office services to clients and families with assets under our management in excess of CHF 10 MM. Our clients have realized the cost and efficiency benefits of having Goldbach Capital take care of their family office, and have appreciated that the need to own their own family office became a dispensable luxury.

Our team is also ready to set you up for success, both financially and personally. We know that it can be a lot of work to manage your wealth, run a business, prepare for the future, and more. For this, Goldbach Capital offers secretarial services to take some of the workload off of your shoulders.

Along with our large list of financial and investment services, we also offer secretarial services. Secretarial services include all services that will make the life of our clients easier.
Cash management, personal advisory, and party planning are some of the services that our team can offer.
Here are just some of the secretarial services we offer:

Staff Payroll

No matter the size of your business, we can make sure that staff payroll is not something that you will need to worry about on a regular basis. Wealthy individuals with a successful business did not become successful by worrying about the day-to-day happenings. If you do not have your own business, maybe you have a team or staff that helps take care of your daily tasks. Our staff payroll services can help with that as well.

Not only does payroll happen regularly, but it can be a time consuming process. To save time, and give you the freedom to take care of bigger-picture issues in a company, Goldbach Capital offers staff payroll services as part of our secretarial services.

Luxury Concierge Services

One of the best parts of living on this planet is having the opportunity to travel and explore what it has to offer. A concierge service is the perfect resource in order to book flights, find lodging, and have incomparable experiences. All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride and the work is done for you.

A luxury concierge is not just for travel. They can be utilized to gain access to high end events, concerts, and more. Are you looking to entertain guests? Maybe you are looking for a new experience in a city you are established in? Is your family trying to decide how to spend your vacation? Our concierge services understand that it is not just about having fun but also making memories (or maybe even making a great impression).

Our wealthy clients do not have the time to surf the internet to find the best places to stay, the best way to get there, the logistics of travel like connecting cities and departure times. Travel sites are a great resource for everyday consumers but our family office service clients are far from everyday consumers. That is where concierge services come in. No request is too big for our clients.

We provide high levels of personalized service and care down to the smallest detail. We offer hands-free service for any kind of luxury event, travel, concierge needs including:
• Airfare
• Private Jets
• Luxury Villa Rentals
• Vacation
• Sporting Events
• VIP Event Access
• Celebrity Parties
• Music and Art Festivals
• Award Shows
• Backstage Concert Events
• Security
• Offshore Travel

High End Event Planning

Now that you can travel like a celebrity, host like one too. From small, intimate get-togethers to big, opulent parties, our team is ready to make your visions into reality.

During your lifetime, there will be numerous events to plan. These events require a lot of planning that our clients simply do not have time to plan. Our family office services can ensure a sophisticated, memorable social event, dinner party, family celebrating, and more.

• Private Parties- We can make any private special, including weddings, birthday parties, dinner parties, cocktail parties, and more. Both small and large groups will enjoy the unique, customized event planning service.

• Corporate Events- Corporate events are a reflection of not only yourself but your organization’s image. An event of this caliber should align with your organization’s marketing strategy and its values.

Whether your company needs a small dinner party for high end clients or a large event, like a product launch, our team keeps your goals in mind.

• Special Events- No matter what kind of event you want to have, we can make it happen.

Goldbach Capital

Beyond our secretarial services, our team of experts are knowledgeable in every step of wealth management, whether you want to create a financial plan, prepare your heirs for the future, or are looking to make an investment in new and emerging markets, we can help.
Goldbach Capital has the knowledge and resources to become the trusted partner of wealthy families. We offer a comprehensive range of services, by combining proprietary expertise with an external pool of first-class advisors.
Each client can decide which modules he wants to engage Goldbach Capital on. Thanks to its efficient and cost-effective solutions, Goldbach Capital is a credible alternative to existing or projected in-house organizations.
Goldbach Capital utilizes close interaction with our clients as the heart of our process in order to fully integrate each family’s vision and core values. We pride ourselves on being a fully independent entity, able to activate all external resources and competencies needed in order to deliver services with asset protection, growth, and monitoring, life simplification, and cost-cutting at the forefront of our strategies.

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