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Collaborating with a financial advisor does not have to mean giving up complete control over your portfolio. Sometimes, our high net worth clients just need an extra pair of hands to get the most out of their portfolio. That is why we offer asset management services to our clients who want assistance in growing their assets.

Asset management services can include both portfolio management and personal financial planning. For those serious about achieving their life goals, financial planning and investments are probably important. Financial planning can involve many steps, from tax optimization to asset protection. Different investments have different rules with different returns. There is no perfect plan for everyone when it comes to financial planning, which is why it is encouraged to seek advisors skilled to do so.

Advisors do not want to take over an account holder’s investment decisions. With an advisory account, the advisor only has limited decision-making power. Once an agreed upon contract is made between the account holder and the advisor, all of the decisions are made by the account holder. When making decisions, the investor and advisor will work together to choose the investments that work best with the investor’s established financial goals.

With an advisory account, some financial advisors will assist with financial planning, non-discretionary and discretionary asset management, along with selecting investments.

There are different kinds of asset management techniques in which a wealthy investor can partake, depending on their level of knowledge and how involved they would like to be in the investment process. Let us look at two of the mandates offered by Goldbach Capital, advisory accounts and discretionary accounts.

Advisory Accounts

With an advisory account, the financial advisor helps the account holders make strategic investment purchases. Both automated and personal assistance may be involved, depending on the agreement in place.
All actions made by the advisor are approved by the account holder. This is the perfect kind of account for those who are knowledgeable about their investments and just want an extra pair of eyes on the portfolio. Advisors also provide guidance with asset allocation and portfolio rebalancing.
There are different approaches for an advisory account. Certain investors use a holistic portfolio management style while others want to target capital assets. No matter the investment style the account holder wishes to adhere to, decisions regarding the investments will be made based on how well it fits in with the current portfolio and the goals of the account holder.

Goldbach Capital and Advisory Mandates

Our Advisory Mandate is designed for clients who wish to make final investment decisions while closely interacting with our pool of financial professionals.
Each client benefits our financial advice and recommendations, as well as our execution capabilities. The dedicated Goldbach Capital financial advisor will also monitor holdings in the client’s portfolio and engage in swift and regular contact with him.
The Goldbach Capital role on advisory accounts is:
• To give our clients investment advice on a regular basis.
• To support our clients in the pre-selection of possible investments.
• To share views with our clients on current market developments.
Clients who have advisory accounts with Goldbach Capital are typically finance professionals with significant market experience who are interested in benefiting from Goldbach Capital’s extensive knowledge of the market and network, but wish to keep full control on the investment decisions.

Discretionary Mandates

A discretionary account is a more hands-on approach on the side of the advisor. With a discretionary investment account, advisors are granted the liberty to buy and sell securities on behalf of the account holder. The advisor is also responsible for making proper decisions that correlate with the goals and values of the account holder. This style of management aligns the advisor’s interests and that of the client. Typically, a percentage of the assets under the account is given as the management fee.

With a discretionary account, the portfolio grows under the watchful eye of the manager. The account holder works with the advisor to define their risk level, time horizon, and specific needs. The manager then builds a portfolio matching the goals and risk level.

Discretionary accounts are typically reserved for high-net-worth clients with a significant level of investable assets.

Goldbach Capital and Discretionary Mandates

Clients’ assets are managed according to an agreed-upon risk profile, liquidity needs, legacy concerns and investment strategy. Once all parameters are precisely defined, the clients entrust their portfolio to Goldbach Capital.
Discretionary portfolios are invested in individual stocks and bonds and other complementary, de-correlated asset classes. They are also invested in diligently selected third-party investment funds.
The dedicated investment manager will constantly monitor and adapt existing positions to implement Goldbach Capital’s investment strategy and react to trends in the markets. The investment managers communicate results obtained with clients according to a mutually agreed upon communication schedule.

Goldbach Capital Family Office Services

If you are not sure which asset management plan would work best for you, contact Goldbach Capital and we can examine your goals and determine which mandate would work best for you.

It can be nearly impossible to single-handedly choose the right investments, keep an eye on them, and then properly remedy the situation when an asset is not performing as expected. For this reason, Goldbach Capital offers family office services to clients and families with assets under our management in excess of CHF 10 MM.
Goldbach Capital has the knowledge and resources to become the trusted partner of wealthy families. We offer a comprehensive range of services, by combining proprietary expertise with an external pool of first-class advisors.
Each client can decide which modules he wants to engage Goldbach Capital on. Thanks to its efficient and cost-effective solutions, Goldbach Capital is a credible alternative to existing or projected in-house organizations.
While incorporating our approach in life simplification, cost-cutting, and asset protection, growth, and monitoring, our family office services integrate your family’s vision and core values to create the right financial plan for you.

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