Annual Financial Checkup

Ensure your portfolio is performing for you.

nvestors work hard to create a financial plan that will grow and maintain their wealth. With the help of an advisor, these wealth plans implement strategies that will grow wealth, save on taxes, and prepare for the future. No two plans are the same so it takes a lot of work to create the perfect plan for each individual.

Creating a financial plan is great first step! Understanding your goals and knowing steps to achieve them is empowering. Once the plan is created, investors get to shut the door and expect results, right? Wrong. Wealth management plans are like a car. Every year, individuals needs to get under the hood and make sure their car is running properly and make any needed adjustments. The same should be said about a wealth management plan.

Are the investment strategies getting the expected results? Are tax-favored investments really lowering tax responsibility? Are you still on track to retire the way you planned? All of these questions and more will be answered with an annual financial review. Keeping track of progress with this check up will ensure goals are met.

Retire with Peace of Mind

This is a common goal for wealthy individuals. A dream retirement requires a lot of decision making such as where retirement will take place, if it will be full of adventures or quality time at home, and what will happen to the wealth when you are no longer around.

For many, retirement is the most important time in life, from both a personal and financial sense. Once these decisions are made, a happy retirement doesn’t just happen. It comes with an extensive process that requires sensible planning, simplifying your lifestyle, and years of continuity, a process that takes a lot of hands-on work.

It is never too early to plan. In fact, the earlier retirement planning begins, the better. For a worry-free retirement, you are going to want to save. Whether you want a quiet retirement at home amongst friends and family or exploring cultures offshore, having a plan on how you will save the right amount of money is essential.

Investment Strategy

When you create your financial plan, you set several goals for yourself. This includes both long and short term goals from purchasing a new vehicle to having a realistic retirement plan. It is vital to at least make sure that the steps you have chosen are getting closer to achieving these goals. With the help of an advisor, you can examine your assets and see if they continue to meet your timeframe, risk tolerance, and needs. If not, it may be time to rebalance.

This step is very important since many individuals rely on their investment strategies to significantly grow their wealth. These investments may be what is going to make a retirement plan come to life or create the wealth needed to implement a philanthropic plan.

Investors should periodically take inventory of their assets and check their performance. An annual financial check up is a good time for that, especially if the economy experiences a shift.

Rebalancing your portfolio can make sure that you are not taking on too much risk or that you don’t own too many assets that are not performing. You will also want to ensure that your portfolio matches your current investment strategy. There may be investments in your portfolio that were perfect for a certain goal but no longer match your current goals.


Beyond the performance of assets, the annual review is the perfect time to make sure that your tax efficiency planning is working the way you wanted it to. Is your strategy to defer, reduce, or efficiently manage your taxes working?

Maybe you do not have a plan to reduce your tax responsibility. It is never too late to start your tax saving plan. It can be as easy as making an offshore investment. Work with a financial advisor to find the best option for you.

Reviewing Retirement Plans

A retirement plan is an essential part of anyone’s financial plan, no matter their age. Many take a lot of time to create their dream retirement such as determining how much money will be saved, where retirement will be spent, and more.

IRAs can be a great way to save for retirement tax-deferred. During an annual financial check up, it is the perfect time to ask yourself many questions about your account:

• Is a Roth IRA or Traditional IRA best for you right now?
• Are you happy with your IRA brokerage?
• Do you want to convert your traditional IRA to a Roth IRA?
• Should you move your IRA offshore?
• Do you need to increase or decrease your annual contribution to retirement accounts?

Next Year’s Goals

While you are adjusting your plan, it is also a good idea to look at your current goals, both long-term and short-term. Sometimes, a short-term goal is met and it is time to make the next big purchase. Other times, individuals consider their retirement plan. Maybe it is time to consider moving abroad.

If there are are any changes to goals, it will shift the rest of the plan. A short term goal might be creating a yearly budget, creating an emergency fund, or pay of certain debts. Long term goals that may be added are a life insurance policy or preparing the future of your wealth.

If there are parts of your financial planning that you are missing, such as an estate plan, a plan to educate the next generation to take on your wealth, or a family governance, the annual check up is the perfect time to implement these plans.

For more information on wealth planning that you may be missing, contact Goldbach Capital today.

NCheck up with Goldbach Capital

Goldbach Capital utilizes close interaction with our clients as the heart of our process in order to fully integrate each family’s vision and core values. We pride ourselves on being a fully independent entity, able to activate all external resources and competences needed in order to deliver services with asset protection, growth, and monitoring, life simplification, and cost cutting at the forefront of our strategies.

With a wealth management plan, our clients can pass their growing assets to future generations to grow themselves, use for future education, philanthropy, and much more. We offer family office services to clients and families with assets under management at Goldbach Capital in excess of CHF 10 MM and are equipped to assist you with all aspects of the following wealth planning steps:
• Financial planning
• Portfolio management
• Asset protection
• Risk management
• Tax optimization
• Retirement planning
• Estate planning
Goldbach Capital has the knowledge and resources to become the trusted partner of wealthy families. We offer a comprehensive range of services, by combining proprietary expertise with an external pool of first-class advisors. Our approach involves life simplification, cost cutting, and asset protection, growth, and monitoring. Utilizing family office services we integrate your family’s vision and core values to create the wealth management plan for you.

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